Oil Spill Response Equipment Demonstration to Film Location Managers

After being called to an emergency oil spill incident on a film location site in Co. Wicklow recently where 280l of diesel fuel had leaked from a faulty pipe on a generator truck, we advised on best practice in terms of cleaning it up, i.e. what oil spill products to use and how to correctly dispose of the resultant waste.

Using our oil spill products, the site was remediated before any environmental damage was caused.

The location manager was so relieved and so impressed by us that he asked us provide a demonstration to other film location managers on how to treat an oil spill on location.

Today a number of film location managers came to our Head Office in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow where our Remediation Field Manager, Neil Robertson, demonstrated the items in a spill response kit that all location managers should have i.e. absorbent oil booms, absorbent oil pads, oil binders, and rapid response oil containment units.

See our full range of oil spill response products and equipment here.