Oil Spill from Neighbouring Property causes death of all pond life

It is not unusual for homeowners to suffer damage to their property from a neighbouring property that has had a kerosene heating oil spill incident.

Oil can migrate rapidly through soil and water after being absorbed into the ground and spread quickly to properties around it.

Oil Contaminated Pond

Unfortunately, our client experienced this first hand.

On tending their garden, they noticed that their pond life – which included frogs, earth worms and other fauna and flora – was dead.

Fauna acts as a bio-indicator for the water quality of the pond and its dying indicates high oil contamination levels.

The cause of this catastrophic event was contamination from a neighbouring property entering a stream which feeds the pond.

Oil Spill Remediation

As you can see from this image, there was a large quantity of oil found in the pond water. Our remediation measures included:

  • Placing oil absorbent booms in the stream to soak up the oil in the water.
  • Stemming the flow of water into the pond.
  • Pumping out and treating the contaminated pond water.

If you suspect you’ve got an oil leak, or need some advice or guidance regarding an oil spill at your property, contact our Oil Spill Emergency Response Team today on our LoCall Hotline 1890 20 10 20 or click here for further information.