Oil Spill Clean Up Equipment in use at a property in Co. Laois

A homeowner suffered a loss of 200 litres of heating oil from a leak in the oil tank fitting.  We were called on site to remediate (clean up) the environmental damage caused.

As part of the remediation (clean up) process, we excavated contaminated soil and fill material in the back garden.  Then we applied our oil spill response equipment:

  • Absorbent materials were applied to the standing water in the excavation to remove any free oil.

oil spill response equipment oil absorbent pads

  • Absorbent materials and booms were installed in the ditch adjacent to the property to prevent and remove any free oil entering the ditch.  Specialised treatment solutions were applied to the base and sides of the excavation over a number of weeks to treat residual contamination at depth.

oil spill clean up equipment oil absorbent booms

  • Free phase oil in the old well on site was pumped out and removed. Dissolved phase oil in the former well was also treated using a pump and treat system.

oil spillage clean up products mini oil skimmer

Using our oil spill response products and equipment, enabled us to:

  • Reduce the risk of impact to the current/future groundwater supply.
  • Reduce the threat of further migration of the oil plume in reaching the building and/or the neighbouring properties.
  • Reduce the effect of the oil release on the immediate environment.

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